Crown Calisthenics coaches 2018!

Posted on 26th November, 2017 by Webmaster in Latest News & Announcements.

Crown Calisthenics is pleased to announce the coaching staff for 2018.

We look forward to welcoming old friends and new!



Head Coaches- Laura Smith & Tanya Mears
Assistants – Tracey Tutin & Melanie Edmonds


Head Coaches – Narelle Potter & Leah Street
Assistant- Roberta Dwyer-Smith
Helpers -Eliza Wittison & Maddison Tetlow


Head Coaches -Shona Stanford & Tracey Tutin
Assistant – Amanda Stanford
Helpers- Darcie Mackow & Zoe Mackow



Head Coaches -Tracey Tutin & Shona Stanford
Assistant- Amanda Stanford

Cadets- Alana Costa & Victoria Murdoch

Helpers -Sheridan Stanford & Ciara McGovern


Head Coaches -Lauren Jewell & Lauren Wilkins
Helpers – Sophie Heath, Luci Connolly, Ava Stoker & Bridget Gatt



Head Coach – Kymberlee Condron
Helpers – Nicola Hanley, Tahlia Lowe, Olivia Rigapoulos & Jacqueline Foreman