About Us

About Crown Calisthenics College

Established in 1998, Crown Calisthenics College is run by Principal Coach Tracey Tutin.
Crown is located in the Inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Our pupils learn commitment, dedication, confidence and the importance of being part of a team, and are taught by an experienced and dedicated coaching team.  We are a family orientated club, and appreciate the support given by not just the Mums, but also Dads, grandparents, brothers & sisters as well!

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is an artistic sport, comprising of teams of pupils performing exercises to music. The exercises and combinations of different types of movement include dance (folk and modern), gymnastics, acting, ballet, singing and apparatus manipulation.

What can you gain from calisthenics?

Friendships, confidence, poise, coordination, team spirit, mental alertness, fitness, muscle flexibility…the list goes on!

The below video, “Australian Calisthenics: Strength & Beauty”, is produced by Calisthenics Victoria Incorporated (CVI), showing all age groups performing various Calisthenic items.

Below is the video that was put together as a promotional tool for Crown to use during our tour of America. It features the Crown Seniors work from 2005/2006. This is a great example of the different items performed in Calisthenics!